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Test drive your boat with a propeller from Propulse

We offer you to become our test driver with your own boat. We are sincerely interested in your experience with the product as well as what performance you achieve. It is not all about top speed. The majority of driving is made in cruising speed. We are looking for comments regarding handling, how the boat is entering plane, sound etc. Your opinion is important to us, become a test driver today !

In practical work the test drive is formed so that the boat owner buys a propeller from us, with a discount that only applies for the actual test object.

Later we will email a tutorial to a test that is comparative in nature with the current boat / motor / original propeller.

The test requires that the boat is equipped with a tachometer to the engine rpm:s and the speed can be recorded with a GPS, handheld or via a smartphone.

Then when we got the test results in the return sent to us, we send you a pack of 4 spare blades in return as a gratitude.

The collected material will be put into a database that is later made available on our website.

We know a lot of boats are equipped with the wrong propeller (or maybe even using a damaged one). By that we mean possibly higher speed, quicker to plane, etc., which in return leads to reduced fuel consumption and better seaworthiness. These values ​​are extremely important for the experience, operating cost and not the least environmental impact.

Are you interested in becoming one of our test driver, please contact us at

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